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Farming is the gift that keeps on giving. Your crop and your

critters matter!! We get it. Whether you have a full crop

or just a quaint garden your plants and animals feel

as though, an extension of yourself and they feel that way, because they are; we are all interconnected and 

co-evolving with one another. 

We recognized that we aren't the only ones

that feel this way; we personally come from a country

way of life and have come to know other fellow ranchers/agriculturalist that share our lifestyle.

We invite you to come down to a family run shop that

understands the local landscape and all that inhabits it.

About Hier Holistic


Hier Holistic is proud to provide goods like plant pesticide control, plant nutrients, gardening supplies, tools, seeds, animal feeds, pet supplies and more. 


Look to us for help, whether the goods are already here or we have to special order, we will find the most quality, organic, and ethically driven way to assist you. Browse our inventory to see what we have for your next earth-friendly venture.

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